Monday, February 21, 2011

More good news from Nanos

I don't think there will be an election until 2012, but if there is one I am fairly confident that the Tories will demolish iffy and the grits. Another poll show a double digit lead.

Of the 826 committed voters, 39.7 per cent ranked the Conservatives as their top party of choice. That is up from 38.1 per cent who chose the Tories in a Nanos poll conducted in December.

While Conservative fortunes are on the rise, the news is less rosy for the Liberals. In the latest poll, 26.6 per cent of committed voters said they would cast their ballots for the Liberals, down from 31.2 per cent in December.

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been around the block said...

I guess the latest Nano poll results are the reason Iggy's on another bus tour, this time "the Working Families' Tour," whatever that means.

All families are "working families."

This dog won't hunt, this yo-yo won't swing, this harp won't sing. It's embarrassing to watch Count Iggula, lugging his silver spoon, pretending that he's reaching out to the plebs. He isn't, he knows it, we know it, so he should just stop the charade.

I Support Lord Black