Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lorrie Goldstein Climate Realist

Climate realist Lorrie Goldstein answers some questions.

Clearing the air: Goldstein
Lorrie Goldstein sets the record straight on climate change, the positions he’s taken, and why


While I’ve had hundreds of worthwhile exchanges with readers over that time, there are a minority who maliciously misrepresent my views.

So, in order to, pardon the pun, clear the air, I’m going to re-state some of the things I’ve actually said and the positions I’ve actually taken — a selective list, not an exhaustive one.

Question: Have you ever been paid by the fossil fuel industry?

Answer: No. Anyone who says I have is lying.

Question: Do you believe in the science of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming?

Answer: Yes. Aside from the scientific evidence, it strikes me as logical that just as we affect air quality by burning fossil fuels, we have an impact (although obviously not the only impact) on climate.

Question: Do you believe anthropogenic global warming (AGW) poses an existential threat?

Answer: No. AGW is one of many problems we face, but it does not pose the threat of a mass extinction in the way, for example, a new Ice Age would, which, ironically, some prominent climate scientists today were predicting in the 1970s.

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