Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lorne Gunter on the Quebec nanny State

The Quebec model only works because of masssive subsidies from Canada. It is not sustainable. Lorne Gunter hits the nail on the head.

Curious, isn’t it, that the province of Quebec has $200 million to contribute to a new hockey rink in Quebec City, yet overworks and underpays its Crown prosecutors so badly they went on strike this week until being ordered back to work? Now many of the 450 prosecutors are threatening to quit, declaring they are too ill-equipped for a province-wide war against organized crime. It’s yet another sign of just how badly governed the province is.

Typically, we don’t sympathize with civil servants’ claims of being worked too hard and paid too little, but Quebec’s Crown prosecutors seem to have a case. At a maximum of just under $103,000 a year – and that is for a prosecutor with at least 12 years experience – Quebec salaries are 40% below the national average and just half what the top Ontario prosecutors are paid ($198,000). Federal prosecutors and those in Alberta and B.C. make as much as 70% more than their Quebec counterparts. Additionally, Quebec, with a population of 7.9 million, has just 450 government prosecutors, roughly the same number as Alberta, which, at 3.5 million residents, has less than half its population.

No wonder it is so hard for police and prosecutors to control Quebec’s rampant drug gangs and crack down on what is believed to be widespread corruption and organized criminal activity in the construction industry. Claude Chartrand, the prosecutor in charge of organized crime cases in Quebec, resigned in disgust over the weekend, claiming the provincial government’s refusal to give prosecutors more pay, more clerical support and 200 additional prosecutors is putting at risk several high-profile drug and syndicate prosecutions.


Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for these lawyers (prosecutors). They are actually stuck in Quebec as french speaking lawyers are not needed anywhere else in North America (ok maybe Haiti). They grew up on nanny state daycare, then free tuition, now it all comes home to roost. What choice do they have, but stay accept these imposed employment terms

Quebec should be split into three or four provinces. That way the good people of Quebec will have choice when their provincial leaders treat them like serfs.


Anonymous said...

Remember this is a distinct society in many ways.

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