Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lord Black and Dick Cheney on President Reagan

President Ronald Reagan was born 100 years ago. It is a time for tributes.

Anyone who reaches that great office has an interesting life. But Ronald Reagan, though he was a great president and had remarkable human qualities, was a much more typical American man than Lincoln, with an unimpoverishably happy life and sublimely happy (second) marriage, and was not a learned, much less a self-taught professional. Nor was he a Grade B actor. In the incidentally insightful words of that insufferable poltroon Gore Vidal, “He was one of the great actors of world history who had the misfortune to play in a lot of Grade B movies.” His calm good humour after being shot in the chest was not acting.

Ronald Reagan was felicitous, the ultimate upwardly mobile American. He had only six jobs in a career of nearly 60 years: lifeguard in Tampico, Illinois; baseball announcer in Des Moines, Iowa, California-bound in the Geat Depression; film actor, including six terms as head of the Screen Actors’ Guild; vice president of General Electric Corporation; governor of California; and president of the United States.

He stood in only four elections: He defeated Edmund G. “Pat” Brown (who had narrowly defeated Richard Nixon four years before), as governor in 1966 by over 1-million votes, defeated Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh for the same office four years later with a plurality increased by more than 500,000, defeated incumbent president Jimmy Carter in 1980 by nearly 8.5 million votes in 1980 and former vice-president Walter Mondale by over 15 million votes (carrying 49 states), in 1984.


Anonymous said...

One of the great presidents indeed. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

God bless President Ronald Reagan.

Gary Sinese at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, California, on the anniversary of Ronnie's birth:

If you're interested in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, go to:

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I Support Lord Black