Thursday, February 24, 2011

elections Canada is on a witch hunt aginst the Tories

The elections Canada witch hunt against the Tories continues. Once this is over and the charges are found baseless. The entire elections Canada staff needs to be investigated for links to the liberal party. Everyone that can be fired must be fired at elections Canada.The whole point of elections Canada's existence these days is to try and make things easier for a liberal party which is unable to raise funds for itself. Courts have already ruled that nothing wrong was done but elections Canada seems to have a vendetta against the only party which is not beholding to them for money. The election laws should be changed and this useless partisan agency should be abolished. We need an election and a majority to fix the liberal infested civil service. Some of the them have already retired. Its time to clean house.
Both Senators named have actually recently been ill, so the harassment is doubly despicable.

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Anonymous said...

What galls me Dr. Roy is that the Auditor General can't look at the CSL contracts and loans ($162 million) that it received when it's owner at the time, Paul Martin, was Finance Minister.

Gomery was right when he called the Liberal Party "criminally organized".

wilson said...

Maybe someone should send in a freedom of information request on the legal/court costs the taxpayers are shelling out for this.

Gayle said...

Actually, I believe a single court, comprised of a single judge, ruled that the CPC did not breach the rules. This decision is under appeal.

As for your paranoid conspiracy theory, other than the fact EC is actually investigating and laying charges, what is the basis for your contention they are biased?

Anonymous said...

Other than the fact that the NDP and the Liberals did ad buys in the exact same fashion means nothing to Lieberal toadies such as Gayle here.

Gayle said...

Except they didn't.

Otherwise, sure...

Anonymous said...

Gayle said...

Right. So how much over the spending limit did these ad buys put the LPC?

Sean M said...

Another Liberal infested bureaucracy doing the dirty deeds on behalf of the Libranos. EC has no problem with letting past Liberal leadership contenders break the rules that are in place for paying back the money from their campaigns, while completely turning a blind eye to the Liberals and the NDP doing exactly the same thing EC is going after the Conservatives for. EC pissing away our tax dollars on lawyers while conducting an obvious witch hunt against the Conservative Government, kinda reminds me of the same Liberal corruption within the CBC, who feel they are unaccountable to the taxpayer as well. EC's abuse of the taxpayer and ignoring of the courts is nothing short of criminal rogue behaviour. I guess EC is like all Liberals and their Liberal bureaucrats, feeling they are entitled to their entitlements.

been around the block said...

Gomery's conclusion that the Liberal$ operate within "a culture of corruption" is demonstrated over and over again.

The crap and corruption extends to their lackies at Election Canada, in the Ottawa bureaucracy, and, of course, in the media. They're everywhere! They're everywhere!"

It must take superhuman strength for Prime Minister Harper and his caucus to keep their cool and not fight back. They're right: It's never wise to engage a pig in a fight. The **it flies and everyone gets dirty.

"Vengeance is mine," says the Lord. 'Best to leave the Librano$ to Him.

Anonymous said...

This is the corrupt Liberal party along with the Liberal CBC trying to change the channel on Bob Rae's jihadis comments yesterday. Seems they are storing all their 2006 dirt, in their back pockets for an emergency . Kairos must be pretty powerful...lots of media hate out there since they lost their funding.Wonder how the two are connected??

Gayle said...

"EC has no problem with letting past Liberal leadership contenders break the rules that are in place for paying back the money from their campaigns, while completely turning a blind eye to the Liberals and the NDP doing exactly the same thing EC is going after the Conservatives for."

1. Can you point to the provision of the EA that directs EC to do anything when loans are not paid back? I looked and cannot find it. If there is nothing in the Act directing them to do something, then there is nothing they can do.

2. As pointed out above, the reason EC are going after the CPC here is because they used this scheme to circumvent the spending limits. The LPC and NDP did not do that, hence no charges.

wilson said...

This would be a good issue for Sun TV investigative reporters to dig into, Fifth Estate style.

Starting with the cameras rolling as an 'unpublicized' seizure of documents occured.

Joe said...

Elections Canada is biased. In other news, fish swim in the ocean and birds fly in the air.

Time for a good house cleaning.

maryT said...

Somebody is trying to ignore the facts that EC is another arm of the liberal party.
Maybe the judge who just laid charges is unaware that said case is under appeal. Wouldn't be the first time the left didn't know what the left is doing.
Could said person be one of the jhihadists Rae is warning us about.

Anonymous said...

Marc Mayrand
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, Marc Mayrand studied law at the University of Ottawa and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

He taught briefly, then joined the national Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in 1982, and stayed until 2007. He rose to the top job there in 1997.

In 2007, he was appointed Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada, an independent agency of the Parliament of Canada responsible for supervising the election campaign financing and voting methods. He refused to alter the voting procedure to require Muslim women to remove the veil, as it was not in the Elections Act as written by parliamentarians.

So there you have it, Mayrand is a career snivel servant, started when Trudeau was PM, definitely biased.

Anonymous said...

Elections Kanada is nothing but a gaggle of liberal hacks, playing fast and loose;if not breaking; with the spirit and intent of the laws of a democracy, who are on a perpetual witch hunt trying to damage the CPOC...which describes half of the so-called "official Ottawa" establishment left termite mound all trying to protect their 'collective' rice bowl.
Enemies of the average Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Elections boss draws fire for easing Liberals' debts

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand has given seven Liberals who sought their party's top job in 2006 until next year to repay almost $1.7 million in leadership race campaign debts .

By The Ottawa Citizen July 29, 2008

Gerald said...

What will the lieberals,socialists,separtists,cbc,ctv,going to do when an unbiased Sun TV.comes on line.It's going to be very interesting.It'll be part of my tv schedule,no matter what it costs.I'm tired of feeling guilt and anxiety watching the garbage on cbc&ctv.I may even buy stock in the Sun Tv company.

Gayle said...

I get that most of you will ignore this, in the same way you ignore the fact that the EA does not allow EC to do anything about the unpaid debts, but in the interest of facts and truth and stuff I will post here the relevant passage from the Federal Court decision:

paragraph 255.

"With respect to the legality or illegality, as the case may be, of the actions taken during the
2006 election period by the Party or the Fund, there remains an ongoing investigation by the
Commissioner, and therefore, it would be premature and inappropriate for the Court to comment or
rule on this question."

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