Tuesday, February 08, 2011


 Quebec unions have a huge amount of money to fight there opponents. Now it seems they want to silence those who call for a change in the Quebec leftist mindset. The RLQ was founded by six of us putting $500 in a pot and starting a grassroots movement. Theunions are using some of the hundreds of millions their members must pay to try and even stop debate from happening. My friends at the Les Analystes are being threatened with a lawsuit if they don't delete and apologize for a commentary. The commentary didn't mention the union involverd. These are the classic actions of a bully. These are shameful actions by spineless union leaders. They shoukld be denounced by all political parties and by all other unions. Free speech is the lifeblood of democracy. This union seems to think free speech is a problem. I wonder if their members of this and other unionsare proud of this assault on free speech.
More here.

Here is the bullying from the union.

Tasha has it in Full Comment the National Post.

Of course my friend Eric Duhaime exposes these cyberbullies.

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