Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cut the civil service

Both the Tories and the grits are guilty of allowing civil service numbers to explode. Lots of civil servants are retiring these days. They should not be relaced. We need to reduce the size of the bureacracy. Let's have a flat taxz and eliminate a lot more bureacrats. What are your suggestions?

This week, Statistics Canada released new numbers of public sector growth that showed that beginning in mid-2005, right before the Conservatives were elected, the growth in public sector jobs outpaced the growth of Canada’s population, after four years of lagging below the general population growth rate. And starting in 2008, that rate really began to soar, and it hasn’t stopped since. One of the biggest culprits in the last two years has undoubtedly been the Conservatives’ stimulus plan, notes Jack Mintz, the economist and chair of the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.

Jim Flaherty, the federal finance minister, spent 2009 and 2010 assuring Canadians that his government, while spending $65 billion on the “Economic Action Plan,” remained prudent fiscal stewards. The stimulus, you see, was “temporary” and “short term.” After all those enormous wads of money had been spent, Canada would emerge economically in a “position of strength.”


Anonymous said...

The public service anywhere should no longer be sacred. Their higher wages, greater benefits and overall job security should not ensure a job for life anymore vs the private sector. (real conservative)

Powell lucas said...

Cut it? No, fire the whole pack of them and install common sense ordinary people to run the departments. Hire a bunch of lawyers to advise them on the legality of anything they propose. Hire the necessary paper-shufflers to handle the documents and leave it at that. Let the final call be made by people with common sense and let these people advise the politicians. The present set-up whereby professional bureaucrats and empire builders make the call on what is and what is not in Canada's best interests is driving us into banckrupcy and strangulation by red tapeIt is time that people who actually have to meeta payroll, have to actually work for a living, and who don't have the taxpayers deep pockets to draw from started calling the shots. I the twelfth century mobs in the middle east can overthrow their whole rotten system we can surely do the same.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time the civil service was paid leas and received fewer benefits than the private sector.

While I know we will never return to that wonderful era the civil service needs to be at least on par with the private sector, we do not work for them.

That said the numbers of government workers at all levels has to be cut drastically, the taxpayer can not take it anymore.

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