Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CPAC 2011

I am in Washington for a few days to visit with friends and attend CPAC 2011. It should be a lot of fun. I will be attending the GoProud party and a number of others including Blogbash . Here is the schedule of events. You can watch last year's videos and watch live this year here. Here are some videos about the history of CPAC and behind the scenes at CPAC.


been around the block said...

Some thoughtful comments on the GOProud event at CPAC over at Power Line:

been around the block said...

There's a very interesting exchange going on over at Pajamas Media on Roger L. Simon's blog.

I'm afraid I can't get too enthusiastic about the GOP becoming gay-agenda friendly. The gay agenda is after supremacy, not equality, and champions a lifestyle that puts its practitioners at risk of high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, violence in their relationships, and very high rates of more than 50 opportunistic STDs, including HIV/AIDs. The average lifespan of a celibate or married man is around 76, whereas the lifespan of a man active in the gay lifestyle is around 49.

It's difficult to see how encouraging this agenda benefits democratic principles, especially as so many proponents of the gay agenda are anti-Christian and take active measures to silence anyone who disagrees with their views -- e.g., look at many of the cases taken against Christians by gays in Canada's Human Rights (sic) Commissions and Tribunals.

I'm all for a little fun, and it looks like the GOProud gathering had a lot of that, but as for the GOP taking on the gay agenda to be "cool," as Mr. Simon puts it, 'not such a great idea. In fact, a very bad one, I'm afraid.

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