Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blue Liberals come to the Tories!

Great piece by Matt Gurney. I have been saying for some time that blue grits have no place jn the federal grits. They have veered to the far left. They want to merge with the dippers. They are disavowing their own policies like corporate tax cuts. It's fun to watch the grits tear out their hair over Rocco Rossi. Blue grits its time to admit that the grits have left you. Time to vote Tory.

Since announcing his intention to run for the Progressive Conservatives in the next Ontario provincial election, Rocco Rossi has predictably become a popular target amongst Liberals. “Benedict Baldy,” as one blogger calls him, is: a traitor, a turncoat, bald, a loser, an also-ran, a Rob Ford plant, a non-issue, ripe for the crushing, an opportunist. And did I mention traitor?

Oh, please. Liberals, spare us your anger. Yes, Rocco Rossi worked for the Liberal party for many years. Sure, it’s awkward that he’s playing for the other side now, but the betrayed friend act isn’t fooling anyone. For a lot of reasons, Rocco Rossi might simply be ahead of the curve, and that’s something that the Liberals need to get used to. You aren’t the party you once were, guys. And you shouldn’t act all surprised that some people don’t feel quite as at home in your big tent as they used to.

First of all, Rossi was a fairly blue Liberal. Bloggers will delight in digging up things he said about this or that Conservative policy, or glowing things he said about some Liberal icon or another, but let’s simply look to his career. He’s a successful Toronto businessman with experience across a variety of sectors, including the private sector and the non-profit sector — exactly the sort of Liberal that has typically made up the bulk of the party’s fiscally conservative wing. His campaign for mayor also advocated a series of pragmatic conservative steps to correct Toronto’s fiscal imbalance and make the government smaller, including contracting out services and selling public assets to pay off debt.

1 comment: to the radio said...

There's an important difference here.
Rossi is switching parties and then running for election.
He hasn't sold his seat for a junior portfolio in some desperate hanging on to power government.
To me that's pretty straight up.

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