Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bill 101

I tend to agree with Maxime Bernier that Bill 101 is no longer necessary. I dont like using state coercion for most things. Now bill 101 is used against Francophone parents who want their kids to learn English. The office dela langue francais, the so called language cops has made Quebec a laughing stock on more than one occasion. Most Anglophones and allophones in Quebec are bilingual. The pq accomplished its gioal of ridding Quebec 600000 Anglophones and allophones taxpayers years ago. It is now poor Francophones that suffer from bill 101. The pur and dur want to strenghthen bill 101 and apply to CEGEPS and university. It is my impression that most Francophone parents oppose that.
I was watching pierre larose on LCN yesterday saying that bill 101 is why French has survived in North America. He is wrong French has survived in North America because of Canada!

My position on Bill 101
Last Friday, I gave an interview to host Jordi Morgan at the Halifax radio station News 95.7. As part of a discussion on the federal government’s intrusions into areas of provincial jurisdictions, the show’s host asked me whether governments have a role to play in fostering a national identity through legislation, with laws like the Canada Health Act.

I answered that people know who they are and that it’s not the government’s role to create and protect a national identity. I used Quebec as an example and said that we don’t need Bill 101 to protect the French language.

I did not expect to create such a storm by expressing my belief that we should let people act like free and responsible individuals, including when it comes to protecting their language, instead of relying on government coercion to do it for them.


Anonymous said...

Bill 101 seems like an oppressive regime has been set upon the English in Quebec.
I thought we were a free country, but I was shocked to hear that the language Police in Quebec have gone into schools and businesses and told them that they need to replace English keyboards with French ones, and that the computer operating system cannot be in English, but needs to be in French.
Is that not a dictatorship in a free country, and why is it being allowed? Why should Bill 101 take precedence over a Canadian's freedom of rights?

Sean M said...

Seeing as the "Liberals", NDP and Separatists all agree that Bill 101 is so great, than surely they would agree that the remaining English Provinces should also implement they're own English Bill 101, that outlaws the use of French.

Anonymous said...

On the CTV Power Play program, although some panelists tried to twist the argument, that to oppose Bill 101 was to repudiate bilingualism in this country, the fact and undeniable truth is the exact opposite. Can anything be more obvious and conclusive – that it is the support of Bill 101 that is a repudiation of bilingualism and minority rights in Canada . To demonize opponents of Bill 101 as unpatriotic, or guilty of not upholding or opposing the constitution is a losing argument that would only be advanced by a moron.
I think the question that politicians and political pundits should be answering is
Do you think Bill 101 infringes on freedom, infringes on individual rights as guaranteed Canadians by the constitution of Canada?
Let’s separate the chaff from the wheat and get a simple answer to that question, and then ask whose rights are they prepared to infringe upon next and not defend?
Why would they think that the people whose rights are guaranteed by the constitution and are being trampled on , should not react, and demand protection by their government, if it is not a banana republic.
Isn’t it strange how they can give us contradictory positions and double talk when it comes to minority rights, insult our intelligence and treat us like turnips?
If politicians choose to pull a Neville Chamberlain and travel the country, waving a piece of paper and pronouncing peace in our time, and we choose to follow rather than address the injustice and discrimination, we will end up with the same disastrous results Chamberlain had, make no mistake.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the previous blogger. Bill 101 is a restriction on individual rights and freedoms. Those who have suffered because of this bill 101 can actually describe more about it.

It creates divisions in the society and it is ethically wrong. When will we have our Mandela or Gandhi to stand up against this draconian rule?

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