Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bilingual Montreal

I think this is good news, but it will make the xenophobic ultranationalists go insane. I don't have a problem with French being given a more prominent place in Quebec, but Quebecers have to realize they live among 330 million English speakers. By all means all Montrealers and I daresay all Quebecers should be able to speak both English and French. The ADQ has proposals that will helpallow more Francophone kids to learn English at an earlier age. What are some in the pq talking about? Banning 18 year olds from attending CEGEP (or perhaps even University) in English. Marionopolis and College Brebeuf have a better idea.

Montreal is bilingual, poll findsIt's right up there in Chapter One, Article One of the city's charter: "Montreal is a French-speaking city."

But as just about anyone can tell you, the fact is that Montreal is bilingual. At least, that is the overwhelming conclusion of a survey last week for the Association of Canadian Studies.

Eighty per cent of Quebecers agree with the statement: "Montreal is a bilingual city," while 17 per cent disagree and three per cent don't know.

What's more, a solid majority of Quebecers say Montreal should be bilingual. Seventy per cent of respondents disagree with the statement: "Montreal should not be a bilingual city."

The results show the average Quebecer is far more comfortable with the city's bilingual character than are most politicians, said Jack Jedwab, executive director of the nonprofit association.

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Sean M said...

"Montreal is a French speaking city"... That was built by the Scottish, Irish and English, who've had their history completely wiped out by racist "language laws" and revisionist social policy.

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