Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday's Speech

Here is the text of HM PM's speech from yesterday.

Friends, today we celebrate our fifth anniversary!

So, it’s been five years! What a day. What a time. And what a journey it has been, my friends, since the people of Canada gave us their trust!

It’s almost hard to remember what Canada looked like that winter. Back then, back in the winter of 2006,
the sponsorship scandal hung heavily in the air. Lobbyists ran Ottawa. People had lost faith in the ability – and in the integrity – of their national government. Parents were disrespected, thought more likely to spend money on beer and popcorn than take care of their children. Provinces were denied the resources to properly deliver the services they were bound to do by federal law. The votes of New Canadians were taken for granted. Victims of crime were ignored. In Quebec, support for sovereignty was surging. Our Canadian Armed Forces were neglected and demoralized. No one in the world knew where Canada stood. You could almost say that it really seemed like a Canadian winter!

So, five years ago today, on January 23, 2006 Canadians gave our Party a mandate to shake up Ottawa. We have been faithful! We have kept that trust! And we have delivered!

In a moment, friends, I will remind you of what we have accomplished together. Despite the fact that we have been a minority government, it is a long list. Nous avons accompli beaucoup de choses en cinq ans.

But, before we talk about that, let’s spend a moment – just a moment – not on the what, but upon the why. For, ours is not a party of entitlement. We’re not in Ottawa because we think we’re owed or for what we can get. If anybody is, they’re in the wrong party! For Conservatives, it is about public service and public service means private sacrifice. As it must, my friends, as it must.

So why do we do it? Why do you do it? I think you know.

We are here because we love Canada! We’re proud of Canada. Canada is, and always has been, our country. And we want Canada to be a true north that is as strong and as free as it can be, in every way that matters, the best country in the world! That’s why we’re here. That’s why we strive. That’s why we serve..... read the rest here.
I also note some lefties are "deeply wounded" that I called a few protesters pathetic. I hadn't noticed the Nortel pensioners. I was really talking about the anti seal hunt protesters who were wearing Harper masks with blood flowing from the mouth. All the protesters did look kind of sad walking around in very small numbers in -25 degree celsius weather. If this is the best you can do grits, you really will be in opposition for a very, very long time.


Anonymous said...

i want to see more conservatism and less liberalism from our conservative party. old white guy.

Dr.Dawg said...

I hadn't noticed the Nortel pensioners.

No, you merely photographed them and then posted the photo on your blog.

Come on, Dr. Roy, have the decency to apologize.

Roy Eappen said...

it would be less of a joke for you to ask me to apologize if you didn't support your friends who call me and many others every horrible name they can think of. Remember your friends feel it is good to call seniors c@%t on a regular basis. Thats all ok for you lefties. It really is the pot calling the kettle black. How is cc these days? You guys really make me laugh.

Dr.Dawg said...

I don't recall calling you names. Dr. Roy. But if I'm to be held accountable for all the folks on my side of the aisle, then you, by the same token, have a lot to answer for. Just saying.

In any case, evasion noted.

been around the block said...

A great speech, and I don't care whose photos you posted, Dr. Roy. I especially like the one of Prime Minister Harper and his family. They've made great sacrifices, with a husband and father in such a public position -- where they see him daily pilloried by not only the elected Opposition in the HOC but the unelected opposition in the media. It's gotta be tough, not to mention all the time the PM has to be away from them.

Here's what I posted over at Blue Like You:

Joanne: “But I’ll take a quiet, competent manager over a glory-seeker any day.”

And that is exactly Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s triumph. What Canada needs at this juncture is a quiet, competent, honest, non-megalomaniac in power, as much as anything to undo the damage done to Canadians’ actual rights and freedoms in the past 40 years. There is such a thing as “the doctrine of reserve,” which Prime Minister Stephen Harper exemplifies in spades.

His is a much more difficult service to our country than the look-at-me, look-at-me political grandstanders we’ve seen too much of in the past 40 years — cheered on by the l/Liberal lapdogs in the media. He’s taken careful stock of where Canada has gone off the rails and is slowly but systematically –incrementally — correcting the leftward list of the ship of state.

His mature and self-disciplined style of leadership, shunning the spotlight and not constantly calling attention to himself, is exactly what Canada and Canadians need at this point in our history.

Prime Minister Harper’s leadership is a genuine gift for which I am truly grateful.

Jan said...

Been around the block --totally agree with you! Well said!

I Support Lord Black