Thursday, January 06, 2011

Watch Larry Smith run and win!

Just as HM PM Stephen Harper has signalled with his latest cabinet shuffle that the tories are at the gates of the grits Toronto fortress, the Toires are also going to compete in the grits bastion that is the West Island of Montreal. Agop Evereklian and now Larry Smith will challenge that grit hegemony and I think they both have a good chance of winning. A great op ed in the Gazette

A gift to us from Stephen Harper: Larry Smith


The aspiring Lake St. Louis parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, Larry Smith, played his CFL football for the Montreal Alouettes from 1972 to 1980. He was the Ben Cahoon of his generation, a valuable and reliable 100-per-cent Canadian receiver, a clutch player. Like Cahoon, he was a hard-wearing player, playing 140 consecutive regular season games as well as 13 playoff games and five Grey Cup games. Not bad in a game full of violence unparalleled even in Parliamentary question period.

A lot of readers saw and admired Larry Smith's performances, live or on TV. He made a whole lot of key catches alongside that other Montreal great of the period, Peter Dalla Riva. Legendary quarterback Sonny Wade, the name which sounds more like an old southern blues singer than a Montreal quarterback, was the other name dominating the airwaves of the '70s. But Smith and Dalla Riva were the local boy sports heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Well it was only in the West Island section of the Gazette, but, yes, a great piece. It partly makes up for the puzzling pre-emptive attacks on Larry Smith by Aislin with his caricatures twice lately.

Politicians are fair game but Smith hasn't even done anything yet.

I Support Lord Black