Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trouble in Tunisia

One wonders if we will see a swathe of islamist regimes in North africa now. I hope not, but I fear that is what will happen.

The hasty departure of Tunisian strongman Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali for a life in exile reveals how brittle and lacking in public support are most of the Arab regimes.

The swift collapse of Ben Ali’s 23-year-old dictatorship unmasked the lie that autocrats in the Arab world — or autocrats anywhere, including Communist China — supported by their military and security network are invulnerable to popular opposition.

As I indicated in my column last week on China, it is increasingly evident in our contemporary era that tyranny — irrespective of the left or right — has a relatively short shelf life.

The seemingly invincible Soviet Union imploded some 70 years after its establishment. It could be said this number might well be the benchmark for the duration of any despotic regime, and Arab despots are rapidly approaching this number with Ben Ali’s fate exposing their shaky hold on power.

Tunisia’s popular uprising has been followed by news of similar unrest in Algeria, heightened concerns about anarchy from Libya’s strongman Moammar Gadhafi, protests and sectarian violence in Egypt, discontent in Jordan and tension with fear of sectarian violence erupting in Lebanon.


Anonymous said...

Now that Tunisia is in the news it helps to expose what I questioned about Maher Arar and why he and his Palestinian wife fled canada to live there with relatives linked to the Muslim Brotherhood of Palestine.
What the CBC and Dr.Sheema Khan didn't want taxpayers to know about Arar's $400'000'000.00 Jihad Lawfare case was that he fled his Family and caught the first flight out of Tunisian when the National Security forces closed in. Arar tried to sneak into the USA with a Canadian Passport,but he was being watched becaue of his 2nd Home near the Boston Airport used on 9/11/01 .
The Big Lie fed to the Media was that Maher was on "Vacation" in Tunisia and got a Job offer that forced him to fly back to canada. Hmmmmmm...he fled to canada from Syria as a Draft-Dodger
and then get a Gun permit just after the Montreal Jihad slaughter nd then gets married to pump out anchor babaies to assure his Citizenship, then goes Globe-trottig on his canadian Passport and chums around with radical Muslims at a known Al-qaeda friendly Mosque in Boston right near his 2nd Home the CBC refused to report on.
Arar was Legally refused entry to the USA as many visitors have been before,BUT...the airline refused to take him back on orders from Tunisia that feared a Asylum claim
by his family since they never reported to the Canadian Embassy
they were in Tunisia as Tourists.
Arar is on record telling thecBC that he was treated very well by the uSA and got a private jet to fly him to JORDAN to meet his family for a flight back to canada directly.
But the loving Family didn't show-up to meet him,bounty hunters did and Arar claimed that THEY tourtured him for 14 days before he was returned to Syria for a Military trial.

It was THEN that his wife used the Al-Qaeda Tactic to claim Torture and false arrest , then use the canadian media as useful idiots to spew lies and get her husband released.
The NDP fell for it and even aided the Arar's in their $400 million Lawfare suit, Layton also let a Anti-gay/Pro-Life,anti-Same gender marriage Shariah Law Palestinian run for the NDP in Ottawa to get the anti-USA/Israel vote.
Remember Momin Khawaja the first convicted canadian Jihadist, he was the Muslim that the RCMP and CSIS wanted Maher and his wife to help expose because they went to the same Ottawa Mosque.

Check out the CAIR "Know your rights" flyer they give to Muslims, it coaches them to not help the Police of Security forces to expose fellow muslims that may be suspected of being in a terror cell. Sheema Khan gave evidence at the Arar inquiry and was with CAIR, the same CAIR now tied to funding Hamas and terrorism in general.

We were played for suckers because Arar didn't even show up at th inquiry named after him, and then just 1 day before the truth comes out about his globe-trotting
to known terrorist Nations, he tells his Lawyers to accept a Out Of Court cash amount of $10.4 million , not the $400'000'000.00 he first wanted for the Alleged torture never proven.

Hual that weasel and CAIR before a real Judge and Courtroom where they can go to jail for purgery
while under oath. The money was Tax-free and that comes under the CRA rules enforced by the RCMP as a Federal offence for tax fraud or extortion for financial gains.

Note how the Lawyer are lining up to help Omar Khadr use Lawfare to sue taxpayers again sisnce Arar did so well with his threats of $400 million, Omar is playing it safe and wants the $10 million right away with no long dragged out threat for $400 million.
Oddly thoug, both Omar and Arar point at each other as the liar about being in Afghanistan, but Taqqiyah is the art of telling lies for the islamic cause.

Anonymous said...

mad as a hatter ... thinks that Arar's wife is Palestinian, too.

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