Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Tory Celebration

                                                    A few pathetic  protesters

                                                           Some Tory cake

                                                          Emrys Graefe         MP Kelly Block

  Today I celebrated 5 years of Tory government with hundreds of Tory supporters in Ottawa. It was great seeing many friends including Stephen Taylor, Fred Litwin, Christian Conservative and too many more to name. I almost met the Phantom Observer. I saw his fedora but he disappeared before I could say hello. There were a few pathetic protesters who froze outside in -25 degree celsius. Inside the Tory family gathered. John Baird introduced HM PM Stephen Harper who received a rapturous welcome. He gave a rousing 40 minute speech. He used real people to demonstrate how Tory policies have benefitted Canada. It was interesting that some of the loudest cheers came for Tory support for Israel and for including many more new Canadians as Tory voters. It was a fun afternoon. I shook hands with HM Pm and Laureen Harper as they left and we all chanted 5 more years!
Watch ten minutes of the speech here.

Other reports from the gathering from Brett Caven.


hunter said...

I wish I was close enough to go to some of those Ottawa functions. I am stealing your picture of the Harper family for my blog if you don't mind, I want to show how much Ben and Rachel have grown in 5 years.

I enjoyed the PM's speech and the subtle digs he took at the opposition. Congrats Conservative party, and PM Harper, keep up the good work!

Joe Martin said...

Nortel pensioners are "pathetic"?

Roy Eappen said...

Didn't see them, I was referring to the protesters wearing Harper masks with blood on their mouths.

Roy Eappen said...

Hunter you are welcome to use my photos. The Harper kids really have grown.

Joe Martin said...

You didn't see them, but you have a photo of them, with Nortel related signs clearly visible. Right. Okay.

VW said...

I shoulda mentioned that Kady O'Malley wanted to get a picture of all the Blogging Tories attending together. Bit hard to coordinate, though.

CanadianSense said...

Great photos.

Their children have grown.

Perhaps those anti-seal protesters can fly to China and try their luck?

What was the court ruling regarding Nortel Pensions? Perhaps those Nortel pensioners should contact the Provincial government regarding their provincial pension.

The opposition MPs should scrap their own gold plated pensions or donate them to those Nortel pensioners or donate the taxpayer welfare $17 million to help them.

brettcaven said...

Thanks for the mention! Too bad we didn't meet there, haha.

been around the block said...

Bravo, Prime Minister Harper and your CPC team!!

I wrote to the PM yesterday to congratulate him and his party, essentially, for five years of sanity in the True North Strong and Free.

What a record! Too bad he has to tell Canadians what he and the CPC have accomplished -- it took 40 minutes! -- because our media are asleep at the wheel, or to put it more accurately, are driving the Leftard Not-in-Service Bus ...

I Support Lord Black