Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tories compete for Urban seats

Kevin Libin has a good article on the Tory startegy to win more urban seats. Once again the Tories emerge as Canada's natuonal party , unlike the Toronto party of iffy. The grits didn't think we could win a lot of ethnic seats. I guess calling all Tories ( snort) racist all the time doesn't work forever grits! People like Jason Kenney and Agop Evereklian among many others have helped change that dynamic. I am glad the Tories have decided to go after urban ridings now. The grits latest bus tour will totally skip much of Western Canada. The grits will continue to be yje Toronto party, but even that stronghold is in danger of falling.
Kevin Libin: Tories target urban ridings

Kevin Libin January 10, 2011 – 9:41 pm

John Mahoney/Postmedia News
Larry Smith announces his plan to run in the next general election in the Lac St-Louis riding while addressing the Lac St-Louis Conservative Assoctiation in Pointe Claire, west of Montreal December 21, 2010
When federal Conservatives, as they are known at times to do, brag publicly about their hard-won success over the past decade in breaking the Liberals’ dominance in votes in Canada’s ethnic enclaves, they aren’t just being immodest. All along, senior strategists say, the plan wasn’t only about converting voters in the Chinese, Jewish, East Indian or other cultural groups — though that was obviously a big part of it. But simply being able to advertise the Tories’ new, big, multicultural tent had a nice secondary benefit in that the publicity explodes any lingering perceptions that urban Canadians might have held about those Western MPs being nothing more than a bunch of intolerant rednecks.

If that was the design, then, given that the other federal parties no longer accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s team of being the Holocaust deniers or racists they once tarred it as, the strategy seems to have worked.

So when the Tories start talking, as they are known to do, about how they’re on the cusp of making major voter breakthroughs in the heart of Canada’s biggest cities, it may be true. Or it may be a clever way to push into the minds of urban voters the idea that the Conservative Party of Canada isn’t just for suburbanites and country folk anymore. But without some actual results to back up the claim, this particular rebranding effort may not sell quite so believably.

In Liberal Montreal, they’ve recruited Larry Smith, the popular former CFL star and commissioner, to run in Lac-Saint-Louis. Some Tories even think he has a chance.

And the Prime Minister has reportedly given orders to Peter Kent, the newly minted Environment Minister from a riding that borders Toronto, to captain the operation to invade Canada’s largest city. Helping him will be Julian Fantino, the junior Cabinet minister recently elected in another riding that borders Toronto.

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