Monday, January 17, 2011

Responding to iffy

iffy should realize the Tories will reply to his threats no matter how limp they are. The Tories unlike the grits have the money to actually put our ads on TV.

You can see the rest of the ads here. The Tories have message for gilles and jack as well.


Anonymous said...

Some may call them "attack ads", but I think "truth ads" is a more accurate description. Backing up statements with facts, ie sources and dates is the way to go. But I'm sure the MSM will come to Iggy's defence. The PM is just plain mean. Facts? Who needs facts.

Alberta Bob

been around the block said...

cross posted at BLY:

Super ads: “Michael Ignatieff is back in Canada … Ignatieff: He didn’t come back for you.”

They really pack a punch without any hyperbole, either. Everything in them is true. With an economy of quotes from the Iggster’s own lips, it’s clear what a puffed-up impostor this guy is. There hasn’t been a person less suited to be a politician, let alone the leader of a political party, since St├ęphane Dion!

Anonymous said...

I like the first ad, it shows Harper working for Canada, a good move. (real conservative)

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