Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pro Israeli Blogg Off

I have publically said I am a Christian Zionist. I have great affection for the land of Israel and the Jewish people. I am proud that HM PM Stephen Harper and The Tory party staunchly support the Jewish state.

Aussie Dave is having a Pro Israeli Blogg Off. Sounds like fun!

I am very excited to announce the commencement of the Pro-Israel Blog-Off for 2011, my new initative designed to showcase the blogosphere’s best pro-Israel material in a fun and exciting manner.

Bloggers are invited to submit one ”pro-Israel” entry, whether it be a blog post, podcast, or video no older than 1 month. Then each week, I will pit submissions against each other. The winner, decided by a combination of reader votes and panel-determined score, moves to the next round, where they will submit a new entry to compete against another first round winner. The process continues until we get to two finalists competing for an Apple iPad.

I will be taking submissions in the comments to this post until Tuesday 18th January, or until I receive 80 valid entries. An entry is valid if it meets the following criteria:

- It’s focus is on pro-Israel hasbara
- It was submitted by the blogger himself/herself and not by some other party
- It was posted for the first time no earlier than 1 month ago
- The submission is posted in the comments to this post in the following format:
Title of Blog
Title of Post
URL of Post
e.g. Israellycool
Pro-Israel Celebrities

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