Thursday, January 13, 2011

Privatize the cbc

I agree with my friend Eric Duhaime it is long oberdue to privatize the cbc. let them be leftists on their own dime.

Bad right-wing politicians and businessmen were the whipping boys.

Stephen Harper was an easy and big target. Tagged as stupid and naive, he was present in three sketches to praise the pollution of the oilsands, to criminalize abortion, to bash artists and to make Canadians ashamed internationally.

While Liberal MP Denis Coderre was on stage to send the friendly tweets he is famous for, little fun was made of Michael Ignatieff’s intellectualism. Other federal parties were ignored.

The other punching bag du jour was the owner of the paper you are currently reading. I guess his main crime is to own a more popular network in Quebec than Radio-Canada. Or maybe it’s just that, unlike them, he is not dependent on public funds.

As punishment for their crimes, Pierre Karl Peladeau, his wife Julie Snyder and the main TVA shows were laughed at over and over again.

It was also a good opportunity for two of the hosts of Bye Bye to promote themselves — one plugged her TV show and the other his vegetarian recipe book.

Should we be surprised, considering this is French CBC? We should not, but we’re certainly allowed to be outraged considering all this leftist propaganda is paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

We don’t know how many millions this specific show has cost us, since CBC/Radio-Canada is still before the courts challenging its obligation to submit to the access to information act. The fact is, many of us are sick and tired of paying $1.1 billion every year for public broadcasting that is one-sided. It is not the mission of CBC/Radio-Canada to use comedians to tell us how to vote, nor to denigrate private competition.


Anonymous said...

If Canadians truly cared about their country,which they don't, then a rally of thousands or tens of thousands of people would result in something positive.

The government officials have brainwashed you to sit and bitch in front of your monitor rather than out in the public.

Where people fear the government, their is tyranny.
Where the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Canadians are a scared bunch.

Anonymous said...

Privatize the CBC!

I Support Lord Black