Monday, January 10, 2011

The Prince Arthur Herald

I congratulate the young people at McGill who have founded a center right newspaper, something you don't see very often on a Canadian university campus. It is called The Prince Arthur Herald. It's good that conservative voices will be heard. I wish you guys every success. Let me know if I can help! I hope this becomes a cross Canada trend!

Many readers are probably asking: why?

Why did we feel it necessary to sit down and create a conservative newspaper for McGill University?

There are a lot of reasons that go into this answer. But to summarize, we were tired of campus politics.

For months, we had felt ostracized as conservative students. The evidence was all around us that our ideas and our values had no forum to be heard. SSMU Council has, semester after semester, been a repository of centre-left moderates to the most radical and far left ideologues university can offer. This Council used their own repressive “Equity” policy as a bludgeon to silence a pro-life student group who dared to speak what they believe.

In a close race for last year’s presidential election, a political liberal and moderate won against an individual closely tied to McGill’s all too powerful radical community.

The McGill Daily continues to happily opine against not simply the right wing, but against capitalism, democratic institutions, the Israeli state, and anything remotely related to the right wing. One Daily reader once claimed that the McGill Tribune, a paper with a moderate and centre-left outlook, was the equivalent of Fox News for McGill.

All of these elements are held together by a small community of radical activists, tiny communes of those who do not reflect the values of Canadians or even McGill students. Despite this, they have managed to control the direction of student life. In this goal they have gone almost totally unopposed.

Not anymore.

This paper is for the moderate. In a country that has elected a Conservative government, conservative values of free speech, democratic reform, and small government are not simply debated. They are widely accepted, and a large part of the Canadian electorate comfortably supports them. Conservatives have forever shaped the course of this nation’s history: from the Old Toryism of Sir John A. MacDonald to the libertarian economics of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, from the provincial rights movement of Oliver Mowat to the civil rights reforms of John Diefenbaker. Conservatism continues to shape and mold this nation, playing a key role in creating Canadian greatness as it stands today.


Brendan Steven said...

Thanks a lot Dr. Roy! I know that myself and my colleagues at the Herald hugely appreciate your support. We hope your readers will check out our site for themselves:

Brendan Steven
Editor-In-Chief, Prince Arthur Herald

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy, we're working hard to protect our ability to express our views.

Kind regards,

Alexandre Meterissian

PreMed said...

Hi Dr. Roy!
This is Alexandra Markus - I appreciate both your props for the musical (PreMed) and the Herald, which I am actively involved in (I am Health Editor and have a weekly column on science/health - a new article comes out every Wednesday!)

I am glad you support a Conservative news source. Indeed, Conservatives like myself are often ostracized at institutions like McGill, where the left wing holds a political stronghold. Although I don't agree with every single article, I support their rights to be published and debated on. I feel like this paper is a breath of fresh air compared to the Mongrel Daily.

Awesome blog, by the way, and thanks again :)

See you around at St. Mary's!


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