Friday, January 14, 2011

One voter at a time

A great article in the National Post. This is why the Tories are a fundraising juggernaut and crushes iffy and the grits. The Tories know how to connect with their grassroots.

Harmony Printing has been through a tough patch. The recession, it hurt. Hours were cut back. Contracts dried up. Some workers were laid off, and others were let go for good. Times were tough on the shop floor of the printing factory with 40 employees in Toronto's northwest corner.

Archie Brown, a long-time Harmony employee, has put in 16 years with the company. He has a decent job now, thanks to the old man, company president Don Gain, who put Archie through night school a few years back on his own ticket. Mr. Gain didn't have to do that. Archie says his heart is in the right place, and that he believes in him.

There's another man he has come to believe in: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Archie Brown did something the other day he had never done: He donated $200 to a political party -- to the Conservative party.

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