Monday, January 31, 2011

North Africa: The jihadi threat

I am afraid that the islamists are going to take over in Egypt and and other North African nations. Though I am happy the tyrants will go, they must not be replaced with worse
Watch this video from BCF.

The organizer of this rally sounds anti Israeli.  There are many at this rally who are very troubling.He had help from the "peace alliance" and caf.
Today this organizer again sounded very anti Israeli and dismissed the islamist threat. He asked why we didn't ask about succession this when Eastern Europe became free. I remind him of what happened in Iran. Unlike Eastern Europe, those who wanted to bring down communism, were believers in democracy. That is certainly not true of the jihadis and their allies.
Listen here where he talks about starting an anti Israeli secular government in Egypt like they have in European countries??
Salim Mansur understands listen at 54 minutes on Cross Country Checkup.
He understands the jihadi threat. Egypt needs a transition, but a peaceful one, where the old government can transition without Egypt turning into Iran.

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