Saturday, January 08, 2011

More problems for the downtown Toronto party

The downtown toronto party of iffy is in for another bad year. This column by John Ibbitson should give grit strategists more ulcers. Lots of interesting things happening for the Tories including star candidates like Larry Smith and Agop Evereklian in Montreal's West Island, Chris Alexander in Ajax Pickering and John Williamson in New Brunswick to name just a few. The Tories will fight for seats across Canada. The Tories are a national party.

This first week of January proved the Conservatives are firmly on top of the political agenda. Under the circumstances, it’s just as well there was no sign of Michael Ignatieff.

Consider this bit of evidence: The Tories may or may not truly believe they can take seats in the Greater Toronto Area from the Liberals in the next election. But the national media believe it, and that’s more important. Pundits universally agreed that Tuesday’s petite cabinet shuffle, elevating Peter Kent to Environment Minister and putting Julian Fantino in the seniors portfolio, proved that the Conservatives are on the warpath in the 905.

This reasoning, which could wildly inflate the Tories’ real prospects in the region, nonetheless puts the Liberals on the defensive by making them look vulnerable. The Grits aren’t really dominant anywhere in the country other than Toronto and environs. If those walls fall, then what’s left?

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Anonymous said...

Liberals are still strong in urban areas and down east and in some northern areas of the country. But this could change. The message to these areas is this: what has voting Liberal done for you lately? (real conservative)

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