Monday, January 10, 2011

More Free Trade

An interesting article from Mark Milke. I like his idea. Let's eliminate the limits on what we can bring back from the US or mexico or any other country we have free trade with.

Let's have real free trade at our borders

Kill duties and make people happy

By MARK MILKE, Freelance January 5, 2011 Be the first to post a comment

Over the past several decades, Canada's federal governments have been superb at advancing free trade with the rest of the world. From Brian Mulroney's government and the original Canada-U. S. free-trade agreement inked in 1989, to NAFTA, negotiated by the Tories but signed by Jean Chretien's Liberals in 1994, and on to other Liberal and then Conservative agreements, successive governments understood that open markets spur productivity, create wealth and employment and lower poverty.

But if there has been a notable omission in the free-trade approach, it's how it doesn't apply at the border for consumers. It's something many Canadians notice at this time of year: when they return to Canada from vacations in the U.S., they're subject to protectionist penny-pinching.

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