Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More censorship in Ottawa

                                                                            Reporter Kristy Nease
                                                  Fred Litwin                  Calre Lopez

I sit on the board of the Free Thinking Film Society in Ottawa. I drove to Ottawa yesterday to help my friend Fred Litwin for the movie event Iranium. When I got to Ottawa fred told me that the event was cancelled and the Iranian consulate was behind the initial complaint. We called the media to let them know of this putrage against free speech. The second outrage against free speech in Ottawa. It seems only the left is entitled to free speech. We spent the rest of the evening speaking to the media and friends about the events of the day. I had a chance to speak to Clare Lopez and you can see an interview she did with Vlad Tepes below. HM Government has made clear that this is not acceptable. I am glad this is getting a lot of attention. The government of Iran has tried to stifle speech in the capital of this great Dominion. It will not be tolerated! Fred will be on Power Play today on CTV ,the CTV National News and CBC's The National tonight

Watch Clare Lopez here:

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wilson said...

Will Bob Rae be on the next UAE flight out to Iran to smooth things over with Imadinnerjacket?

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