Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Marketing the hoax

It seems that the chicken littles aganda is falling of the public radar. So what to do? Why mount an advertising campaign.

Marketing 'Climate Change'
By Steve McCann

A good indicator that a movement ostensibly based on so-called scientific facts has run out of steam is when that crusade must openly resort to crass marketing techniques to sell a flawed product. As with so many iconic beliefs of the left, it is not the message that is flawed, but the messaging.

Der Speigel, the paragon of leftist thinking in Germany, just published a lengthy article, entitled "Green Groups try to Sex Up Climate Change," chronicling the movement's efforts to recapture the public's attention, which has severely waned over the past two years.
Editors at major German newspapers are openly stating that global warming is a "loser" in media terms. The New York Times quoted one science filmmaker as calling climate research "bo-ho-ho-ring" and "quite possibly, THE most boring subject the science world has ever had to present to the public."

Surveys have shown that in the Netherlands, once the hotbed of global warming hysteria, only one in three Dutch people is concerned about climate change. The number is half that in the United States.

The loss of credibility is attributed to two factors: 1) the mistakes made public around a year ago on the U.N.'s 2007 climate report and 2) the "Climategate" scandal involving e-mails from the researchers at the University of East Anglia. Per Der Speigel, "[t]his leaked correspondence revealed trench warfare that caused scientists to withhold some data and defend their results at all costs."

As the primary media strategy up to that time was centered on the credibility of the scientists involved, the PR damage was significant, and it caused the public to begin seriously questioning the validity of the movement.

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General Brock said...

And yet CBC ran a story today talking about how Nunavut is heating up and how little sea ice there is in Canada's north.

The deep freeze that has paralyzed Europe, and the blizzards that are blanketing much or North America are 'weather'.

Meanwhile any warm temperatures are 'climate change'. I guess when you have a cushy job to defend, you'll come up with some interesting arguments.

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