Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lots more on the censorship incident in Ottawa

Good for HM Government and HM Minister of Heritage James Moore. It made Fox News.
Boo hoo , the murderous mullahs are mad.

More on CTV National News. Fred Litwin on Power Play.

Iranium will be shown in February!

Lots in the Blogs as well.


Anonymous said...

Watch at the five minute mark when he shoots down Evan Soloman who attempts to open up an anti-Islamic propaganda thread. Moore called him on it and Evan quickly retreated.

Aside to CBC, a two hour Power and Politics show is too long by an hour, some would say two hours but I digress, and that results in way too much time spent filling space with things that just don't matter and would barely find time in a show with a shorter format.

thedailyrasp said...

Good on Moore! Shame on the spineless dhimmi's at the Library!

I Support Lord Black