Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lord Black on 5 years of Tory Rule

An interesting analysis of 5 years of Tory rule by Lord Black.

Only the most churlish partisans would try to deny Stephen Harper's achievement in patching political fragments together into a solid political party, winning two minority elections and governing prudently in relatively complicated times. It is easy now to forget the fractiousness and animosity that brought the old Progressive Conservative Party from a parliamentary majority to just two MPs in 1992. The antagonism between the continuing Conservatives and the Reform Party, and the devastation inflicted by the Bloc Quebecois on the Conservatives in Quebec, left a terrible scattering of wreckage to be reassembled into anything that could fairly dream of challenging the Liberals who had governed for 80 of the 110 years between 1896 and 2006.

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