Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jim Travers is ever more afraid

travers understands that the Tories and HM Pm Harper are changing the debate slowly , but surely . travers, a grit talking head, doesn't like it one bit. It makes me smile.

Understanding how Stephen Harper is changing Canada is easy. Just listen closely to a national conversation that over the past five years has narrowed in content and sharpened in tone.

Federal politicians no longer debate the broad questions of justice, climate change or foreign policy. Instead, they dispute the details of law and order, ethical oil and how long to extend the Afghan mission.

Winning arguments often begins with framing the subject. This Prime Minister is remarkably successful at both.

Harper took control of the country’s agenda as soon as he stepped into office. He named five priorities and set about achieving the ones voters remember — twice trimming the GST stands out — while muddying those he prefers they forget, most notably the fingers-crossed commitment to be more open, accountable and democratic.


FredR said...

For once, I find that I can't disagree with what Travers has written, but I also find it highly amusing that Travers finds these changes in public discourse somehow menacing.

Myself, I find them refreshing.

wilson said...

PMSH had an agenda,
the lazy Liberals governed by stealing other party's policy.

The LPC was a middleman, a broker, fence sitting talk big but do nothing government.
example: Kyoto, national daycare, killing the GST..... all talk

So no big surprise the LPC stand in the hallways twittling their thumbs now.
They never did have their own principled party ideas.

Alex said...


You know what part of the article I found really chilling? This:

"Off the table and out of mind are...the complex transition from hewing wood and drawing water to a post-industrial economy"

This is what progressives really want and occasionally it slips out. Thier vision of Canada involves not only dismantling the western industrial economy but that of the east and center as well.

What is a post-industrial economy? Hunter-gatherers? Agrarian? Pastoral, like the menanites? Just what the heck are they planning for us? It can't all be just parks and office buildings. I suppose the unicorns will clean and fix the sewers with rainbow wish magic.

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