Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good for HM PM Harper

HM PM say he will campaign against electoral welfare and for corporate tax cuts. That's good. We should also get rid of corporate welfare and have personal tax cuts!

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will campaign in the next election to kill direct public financing for political parties, which last year cost taxpayers $27-million.

In an exclusive interview with Postmedia News on Wednesday, Mr. Harper also warned he will not bend to opposition demands to back down on corporate tax cuts, which he said are essential for the Canadian economy.

“I won’t kid you, and I think it’s one of the reasons why I don’t think a minority will go on forever — this government will not make compromises that it believes are damaging to the Canadian economy,” Mr. Harper said.

“We have made it a fundamental principle of our government since we got into office that we would have a competitive tax structure for job creators, for employers in this country.”


Anonymous said...

To be taken seriously the CPC must start acting like a Conservative government. Increasing the size of government and government spending makes it impossible to take them seriously.

bertie said...

Anonymous,give us a name,quit friggin hiding like a coward to make your comments.The Conservatives are doing a great job,so get lost and join the Libs on their tour.Also PM Harper does all these good things without the aid of BROWN ENVELOPES.

wilson said...

Then by all means name-less commentor,
don't take PMSH serious on the cutting of political subsidies.

This so called big spending government
-paid down the national debt by $30 Billion,
- gave back our military and our nation the pride Liberals destroyed during the Decade of Darkness
- billions to the provinces to correct fiscal imbalance
- implimented the Economic Action that shortened the effects of the global economic meltdown to 9 months instead of the 'experts' prediction of 18 month
-inspired the rebirth of national pride and patriotism evident from the Own the Podium olympic games and the thousand sof Canadians who line the Highway of Heros

What this government did NOT do is
-NOT raid the EI fund of $54 Billion to FAKE surplus', like the Chretien Martin govts did 2001-2005
-NOT steal from the Canadian taxpayer to lauder money to spread amongst Liberal candidates and Liberal party coffers
-NOT act like an international doormat for foriegn countries to wipe their feet on
-NOT accuse our soldiers of being war criminals
-NOT parade around or do lunch with terrorist organizations

I Support Lord Black