Thursday, January 13, 2011

The eu

An excellent article on how the minions of european integration are using the cureent euro crises to further rob the peoples of Europe of their democratic rights. Beware our British friends! Your real allies are across the atlantic and in the Commonwealth.

An understanding of this background is essential for anyone wishing to come to terms with yesterday’s speech in the City of London by the French prime minister, Fran├žois Fillon. Most of the guests listening to Mr Fillon would surely have expected at the very least a substantial measure of alarm and contrition in the wake of the devastating setbacks for eurozone countries such as Greece and Ireland over recent months.

Yet there was no sign of retreat, or even judicious contemplation. Mr Fillon could hardly have been more bullish, upbeat or confident. “Europe is at a historic turning point,” declared the unchastened French premier. “The real question right now is whether to keep building on this adventure, or whether we leave it at that.”

His answer could not have been clearer: “We are going to move towards greater integration.” That means a deepening of the common social and economic regime which already binds Europe – as well as one potent extra element. Governments are to be stripped of their ability to tax and spend according to the democratic demands of their own voters. Instead (though Mr Fillon did not explain this), their budgets will be set for them by a greatly empowered common European government in Brussels.

It must be acknowledged that, strictly within his own terms, Mr Fillon is right. There is only one way to save the euro, and it is finally to resolve the problem so lucidly analysed by Mrs Thatcher in her conversations with Mr Delors 20 years ago. Europe cannot survive with a single currency but a pluralist and diverse political system. So long as member states enjoy local autonomy, the currency is guaranteed to collapse. The euro will only survive if the power of national governments is destroyed.

It is this basic fact which makes the year 2011 such a critical year in the history of Europe – or “a historic turning point”, to use Mr Fillon’s potent phrase. European leaders have no choice but to act at once. If they leave political and economic structures as they are, the single currency will collapse very quickly and the European project will follow.

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