Sunday, January 09, 2011

Electoral welfare

I agree with Ezra, let's get rid of electoral welfare. The Tories should make this part of their platform. Indeed I tend to agree with my friend Gerry Nichols on this issue.

Fewer than one in 100 Canadians donate to a federal political party.

It’s not surprising, considering the low esteem in which most Canadians hold politicians. And a political party is not a charity, even though a political donation receives a more generous tax treatment than a charitable one does.

But no matter. In 2004, the Liberal Party amended the Elections Act to force all Canadians to donate to political parties through their taxes.

Now, political parties get just over $2 from the public treasury for every vote they received in the previous election. That means taxpayers have given the federal parties $27 million a year since the Oct. 2008 election.

Including a whopping $2.8 million a year to the Bloc Quebecois.

That party wants Quebec to leave Canada. But it’s not above wringing millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers to fund that separatist project before they go.


Jim said...

In your conclusion, you say Canadian taxpayers pay a separatist party. To my best knowledge only Quebecers vote for that party, so those "Canadian" taxpayers are really only Quebec taxpayers (2$/vote).

That being said, I never voted for them either. It's just the last argument that I didn't find very strong. I would also vote to remove that 2$ automatic donation.

Anonymous said...

By subsidizing the Bloc we are also subsidizing the Parti Quebecois as there is a lot of sharing of resource and people between the two parties. This is the hidden cost of this subsidy. The P.Q. are not great fundraisers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced this would be a winning strategy. There are alot of Canadians who still accept government waste if the waste is good for their team. They also know that the initiative would type the scales further in the Tories favour because Tory supporters are more willing to cough up a hundie or 2, while lefties are notoriously cheap. That's why they like social programs, it makes them feel like they're giving without actually having to give.

been around the block said...

"In 2004, the Liberal Party amended the Elections Act to force all Canadians to donate to political parties through their taxes."

Just the kind of weasel tactic the Liberal$ would think up to further rob Canadians of their hard-earned financial resources. Just when their star was beginning to dip, due to better educated Canadians via the Internet, to voter disillusionment after ADSCAM and the Liberal$' many other misdemeanors while in office, and the realization that Stephen Harper and his CPC were a viable leader and governing party, they found a way to continue to receive taxpayer money.

These Lib$ are just so "democratic": Rob Canadians equally and everything's OK. IMO, political parties shouldn't be given "special interest" status -- or one red cent of taxpayer dollars. Canadians should be free to support the party of their choice and not be forced to subsidize parties that wouldn't be financially viable without tax dollars.

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