Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corporate Taxes cuts are good

That's what obama thinks, but not iffy and the grits. They want to spend on big new social programs. Indeed even the dippers are not demanding the rollback of the Tory tax cuts. Blue grits must just despair. The grits are now really a part of the left. Their center is gone.

OTTAWA — Fully implementing the Conservative government’s corporate tax cut scheme will have “little” impact on budget revenue, and in the medium-term generate an estimated $30-billion in additional business investment and 100,000 new jobs, says one of the country’s leading tax and fiscal policy experts in an analysis released Tuesday.

“Given the relatively insignificant anticipated revenue loss from a corporate reduction, it is clear that the investment and employment benefits make a strong case in pursuing this reform,” Jack Mintz, head of the public policy school at the University of Calgary, said in a new paper on business tax reform he co-authored with Duanjie Chen.

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Anonymous said...

Obama corporate tax cut good, Harper corporate tax cut bad.

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