Friday, January 14, 2011

Coalition partners want electoral welfare

iffy and his coalition parner jack are not happy about ending electoral welfare. My friend Tasha likes the idea, as do most Canadians including me! WE must end elctoral welfare. I am surprised that a grassroots party like the dippers, who understand how to raise money are supporting a party like the grits which has ignored its own grassroots for a very long time. The grits are unable to connect with their own grassroots , thats why they can;t fundraise. So iffy and jack bring on an election. The people of Canada will vote to end electoral welfare.

The Liberals and New Democrats made it clear Thursday they have no intention of agreeing to repeal the subsidies introduced in the past decade, saying they ensure the ideas of voters are represented by vibrant political parties that no longer have to rely on “big money” from the business community.

But on Thursday, Mr. Harper wasn’t backing down on his plan — first revealed in an exclusive interview this week with Postmedia News — to make the end of the subsidies a “clear plank” of the Conservatives’ election platform.

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