Friday, January 28, 2011


CKLN is a leftist community radio station that is nominally the Ryerson student radio station. It's been a source for marxist propaganda for years. It's been having quite a lot of trouble of late and now the crtc has yanked its licence. I don't like CKLN but I like the crtc even less. They should not be pulling CKLN's broadcast rights. That smacks of censorship. Ryerson should rescue it's radio station from the Marxists and return it to the students. Let's get rid of the crtc.

Ryerson radio station CKLN loses broadcasting rights
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National Post Staff January 28, 2011 – 2:16 pm

By Sara Faruqi

The CRTC has revoked the broadcasting rights of CKLN-FM, a campus-based community radio station at Ryerson University.

“CKLN Radio was given several warnings and opportunities to come into compliance,” the federal broadcast regulator said in a news release on Friday. “Each time, it demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to address our concerns. Taking away its licence is the only appropriate course of action in this case.”

A different view from my friend Mike Brock.


Anonymous said...

Be even nicer if they yanked the CBC & CTVs license as well. Now that would be something.
Bring on SUN TV Kory...

E Mac

ARA said...

This is the first salvo on the war on free speech and all student radio stations.

You know CRTC vice-chairman the zionist Leonard Katz was behind this.

In a previous hearing in May he was critical of CKLN for announcing Israeli Apartheid Week events.

Katz is one of the biggest pro-Israel lobbyists in Canada and needs to be fired from the CRTC.

Unfortunately we have Harper in power but when Jack Layton and the NDP become the government we need to make sure the first thing is done is to fire Katz and all the other zionist appointees from their positions of power.

kursk said...

Go pound sand lefty..if you had your way, the only voice would be that of Marxism..that would be your idea of freedom of speech, no doubt.

ARA is just another bunch of thugs in different coloured shirts, red instead of brown or black..

Jack Layton in power? I want some of the crack you are on..

VW said...

If you read the story carefully, you'll realize that the license yank had less to do with their programming and much, much more to do with their housekeeping.

Thing is, a radio station needs to do certain things like maintain a broadcast log, archives, monthly statements, etc. And the staff was doing so much infighting that all this was being neglected.

Sean McAllister said...

How can you say anything once silenced? Pretend to toe the line and still get your message out. Make more sense?

Anonymous said...

Anyone here ever read a RYU student newspaper? Well I have a number of times and it would make your blood run cold! (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black