Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cameron needs to pay attention to Eurosceptics

There should have been a referendum on the lisbon treaty in the UK. Any further changes should trigger a referendum. This was promised by HM PM Cameron in the past. His MP's seem intent on holding him to his word. Good

Conservative backbenchers are preparing to ambush the controversial European Union Bill which goes before the Commons when MPs return from their Christmas break.
Eurosceptic Tories will table radical changes to the legislation, which they claim does not deliver on its promise of a referendum on future transfers of powers to the European Union.
If the changes strengthening the legislation are not accepted by the Government, some Conservatives said they might even vote down the entire Bill.
Last night Labour sources signalled that Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, will order his MPs to oppose the legislation too.
The prospect of a pincer movement of Labour MPs and Tory rebels is acutely worrying for Mr Cameron, whose Coalition majority of 76 would be overturned if just over half that number of Tories joined forces with Labour.

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