Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cabinet Shuffle

I am quite pleased with the mini shuffle. I know and really like both Diane Ablonzcy and Peter Kent. They are excellent MP's and will beexcellent in their new roles. I don't know Ted Menzies and Julian Fantino very well, but I look forward to watching them in their new roles.
 The shuffle  sends a message to potential Tory voters. You should vote in Tory MP's if you want representation around the cabinet table.

It’s hard to imagine a better choice for Canada’s environment portfolio than Peter Kent, appointed Tuesday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the key change in a minor Cabinet shuffle.

If Mr. Kent has demonstrated a special talent in his junior foreign affairs portfolio, it’s an ability to hold his cool while the media try to turn some issue into a hot conflict — as is the case now over whether Canada will be forced to follow the United States on the road to economy-jolting carbon regulation.

As a former journalist and broadcaster, Mr. Kent has a knack for careful language and a reassuring voice, exactly what’s needed in the face of the ongoing media storm over climate change and carbon emissions. What the media want now from the Harper Conservatives is some kind of abject admission that Canada is just going to have to fall in line behind the extreme policy action taking shape at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act.

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Edmund Onward James said...

I like Peter Kent, especially how he handled the problem of the young Canadian citizen held in Mexico for a car accident. Hence, I attended a gathering with the Honourable Peter Kent and we chatted.

But I wonder what other role John baird will be assigned to.

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