Monday, January 03, 2011

Buy Our soldiers a Coffee!!

This is the least we can do. Please go over to my friend Moose and Squirrel's site and donate!! Let's buy our kids a coffee. They do so much for Queen and country, let's show them that we care!! Donations accepted until Jan 17, 2011. I've already donated. You donate too!


natasha said...

Thanks so much, Dr. Roy! Kaffir sent his thanks as well.

maryT said...

Are you familiar with the campaign that MP Rick Casson has had for the past few years, to buy a soldier a coffee for Christmas. In 2009 he sent over 3000 Tim Cards from his constituents and others. This year he received donations from lots of Canadians who live in other countries. Must phone his office today to see what the total was for 2010.

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