Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another jihadi plot from Canada

To those jihadi apologists and jihadi enablers in Canada and througout the west, ever more evidence of the jihadi threat. Guess they will only believe when the jihadis come to cut their throats.

terror-plot/article1876334/>A suicide bombing in the Iraqi city of Mosul that killed five U.S. soldiers and shook buildings for miles around was hatched by a terrorist network that includes an Iraqi-Canadian man safely situated in Edmonton, the FBI has alleged.

Sayfilden Tahir Sharif – also known as Faruk Khalil Muhammad Isa – spent the past year in the crosshairs of an international investigation that spanned three continents before Mounties arrested him in downtown Edmonton Wednesday. The 38-year-old stands accused of helping organize a pipeline for foreign suicide bombers who were intent on blowing themselves up in Iraq.
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United States complaint against Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa

Police say they were listening to the Canadian for more than a year. A U.S. criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday says Mountie wiretaps caught the suspect saying he was “one million per cent” behind plots to kill “those dog Americans.”


maryT said...

Isn't it strange that all those plotters never stap on a vest themselves, just want others to kill themselves.
If they are so full of hate for Americans why don't they kill themselves.
Gess they don't want to meet those 72 virgins or they know they don't exist.

D. Vogt said...

The one thing that did disturbs me, as I wrote on my blog, was that they're deporting him to the U.S. for crimes he unquestionably committed here, where terrorism is already a crime under the American law. Given that the RCMP already got into trouble a few years ago for being too close to the FBI, I'm a little leery about handing over Canadian citizens to a foreign country to be tried for crimes we should be trying them for here.

Although on the subject of jihadi threats, this particular twisted "spiritual advisor" seems to have been uninterested in attacking Canadians, just Americans.

Or should I say, he wanted to watch others kill Americans. Like maryT said, some of these terrorists find some awfully convenient rationales for letting others do the actual dying.

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