Sunday, January 02, 2011

An amusing column

susan riley is pretty much a grit operative. I rarely pay any attention to anything she writes or says, but this amused me. The grits are broke and have no ground game in Alberta. Indeed the provincial grits wanted to change their name. It will be interesting to see how much of their limited resources, the grits want to waste on this lost cause. The grits might be better advised to defend their last fortress in Toronto. The Tories are at the gates of Toronto and many grit seats are vulnerable.

In coming months, we will see if Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's ardent courtship of Alberta - especially his impassioned advocacy on behalf of the oilsands - is paying dividends.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has until May to call a byelection in Calgary Centre-North, a seat left vacant when former environment minister Jim Prentice announced in November he was leaving politics for a senior job at CIBC. If there is a general election before then - highly unlikely, despite the buzz - no one will pay much attention to the outcome of one Calgary race. But if the Calgary byelection happens, it will be a test of Ignatieff's political strategy and of voters' appetite for change.

It would be astonishing if the Liberals won - akin to Conservatives winning Mount Royal, or Toronto Centre, say. It is more realistic to ask whether they can improve their fourth-and third-place finishes from the last two elections, or boost party morale with a near-win - the kind they claimed after the November Vaughn byelection, won by Conservative Julian Fantino with less than the predicted landslide.


Anonymous said...

Riley says “We need to move away from the paralyzing, divisive regionalization that makes any larger ambition for the country, any unifying narrative, impossible.”

Wow! Talk about a cynic. What does all that gibberish even mean?

We’re probably more unified now than ever. Besides what’s wrong with being somewhat divisive, that’s how the best ideas surface. That’s how our federation works. It’s a huge country, thus it is regionalized because it has to be. As Tip O’Neil said “all politics is local”. And it would appear Iffy the Terrible is playing the “local” gambit by boosting tar sands in Calgary and then telling Quebecers how morally superior they are with Hydro (not mentioning the 13,000 square miles they flooded like the Chinese Three Gorges Damn) .

Yes it is amusing how Riley says Fantino was “predicted a landslide”… by whom? Even Conservatives were not happy with his handling of Caledonia. Thus the gospel according to Riley is that unless it’s a landslide it’s not a win. But the Liberals had a “real” win in Manitoba. Amusing.


Anonymous said...

...Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's ardent courtship of Alberta - especially his impassioned advocacy on behalf of the oilsands...

Count Iggula has ardently courted Alberta????? WTF???? I won't speak for other Albertans, but I don't listen to what he has to say HERE about Alberta, I listen to what he has to say elsewhere about Alberta. He's not trying to court us, he's trying to scam us, and he's not very good at it.

Sean M said...

Susan Riley is an idiot! The only insights she has is what she gets from the "Liberal" war room. This is simply another example of media electioneering for an election that hasn't even been called yet. Iggo said he wanted an election and the "Liberal" whores and activists encrusted within the media have received their marching orders. Susan Riley, like most of the Canadian media are getting a head start in campaigning for the "Libs', on an election that the "Liberals have told them is coming.