Wednesday, December 15, 2010

US Canada Perimeter

I think this is a good idea. So do 5 of HM Ambassadors to the United states, both Tory and grit. It is good for trade and particularly good for Canadian business.

A border security deal is good for Canada

Rumours of a new border agreement between Canada and the United States have aroused concerns in some quarters, but let’s be clear: A deal to enhance border security while ensuring more open access for the movement of people, goods and services would be a timely assertion of sovereignty, consistent with decades of common cause on bilateral economic and security issues.

Ever since 9/11, security considerations have predominated border management, adding new requirements and new procedures and causing costly delays. We need a healthier balance.

At a time of slow economic growth, we need to ease restrictions at the border and facilitate an expansion of what is still the largest two-way trade relationship in the world. The best guarantee of job growth and prosperity for Canada and the U.S. is a more open border, consistent with the principles underpinning our free-trade agreement.

Finding the necessary balance to preserve free movement of job-creating goods and services while ensuring security is a fundamental aspect of our shared values as democracies and is in sharp contrast to authoritarian regimes that use security to stifle freedom.

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