Thursday, December 02, 2010


HM Government and the opposition parties have agreed to scrap legislation to revamp electoral districts to give more seats to Ontario and the west. This makes me mad. It is a question of fairness and democracy. Voters should have an equal say in government.This makes me very unhappy. It is mostly just pandering to Quebec. We should continue to fight for this, but unfortunately without a majority , the Tories have no hope to pass this.

The Harper government and the opposition parties have agreed to quietly sink legislation that would have given Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta more seats in the House of Commons. As a result, urban and visible-minority voters will continue to be discriminated against in Parliament.

Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic MPs and party strategists, speaking on condition that they not be named, stated this week that the bill has no chance of passage. Although all three national parties remain committed to the principle of equal representation for all Canadians in the House of Commons, in practice, the legislation that would advance that cause has virtually no hope of becoming law.

On twitter Andrew Coyne thinks the base should revolt over this. All parties now have the same policy. Colby Cosh asks revolt to whom? I think we need a majority and then we can get this kind of legislation passed.


Frances said...

As in, screw the West. Continuing in the legacy of Messrs Trudeau and Lalonde.

Anonymous said...

"but unfortunately without a majority , the Tories have no hope to pass this. "

Don't try to defend them on this. They should have taken it to a vote and exposed the people who are selling us out to Quebec.

johndoe124 said...

Jesus Christ, screw the Conservatives, already!

Powell lucas said...

The next S.O.B that tries to tell me we live in a democracy will get a punch in the mouth.

hunter said...

This is a major problem for me as a Conservative voter from Alberta. Why do voters in PEI count more than my vote in Alberta does?

All parties are equally disgusting in this hijacking of our democracy. Read the comments, finally we have unity in Canada, everyone, from all parties, agree this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

A majority would allow this to happen. (real conservative)

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