Friday, December 24, 2010

The suicidal British left?

This report is pretty depressing and makes me wonder if the left has lost the will to live. perhaps they feel so depressed about the triumph of western values , that they feel they must scarifice themselves and us on the altar of jihadi extremism. Sigh....

The jihad of the British Left

A new and authoritative report by Ehud Rosen has just been published by the Jerusalem Institute for Public Affairs, which maps the forces behind the campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel and shows how the UK has become the global hub of such bigotry.

But the UK has also become the global hub, outside the Arab and Muslim world itself, of Muslim radicalisation. The two phenomena are, of course, symbiotically connected. And what Rosen shows is how the radicalisation of British Muslims – an issue of the greatest possible concern in Britain -- is not just the result of extremist Muslim preachers and the like. It has also been actively pushed by the far left.

It has often been remarked upon with surprise that in Britain, the supposedly ‘antifascist’ left marches shoulder to shoulder against Israel and America with the most obscurantist Islamist fanatics who believe in extinguishing the freedom -- and sometimes even the lives -- of women, gays and apostates in the Muslim world, let alone unbelievers anywhere else.

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