Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stephen vs barack

Peter Worthington has a column on how HM PM Harper fared in comparison to barack shellacked obama.

Canada was somewhat different.

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper grew in strength, until by year’s end the likelihood of a majority government looms whenever an election is called.

Harper is not perceived as particularly likeable, even though he plays the piano and sings Beatles songs. If they think about it, Canadians realize they are the blessed of the earth in these hard economic times.

Sure, we have problems, but compared to the rest of the world we are fortunate. Our banking system is so reliable and conservative, that it’s the backbone of the country and is saving us all. For the moment.

Harper has even gotten way with reneging on his vow that Canadian troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2011.


Anonymous said...

You know its a shame the media hates Harper so much, because we are missing out on a lot. While I don't approve of the millions of articles on Obama and his family, I would have liked to have had more coverage of Harper and his family. I remember for instance Laureen went back to her home town to lead a parade on horseback, but the photo was published in only a couple of newspapers.

bertie said...

And the phrase is not perceived as particularly likeable is a pile of crap also.I have always liked him as do the majority of Canadians.I would say if you added ( by the MSM or opposition parties)) it would be an accurate statement.But,who wants to be freind's with or like,s the MSM or the Liberal coalition.

Anonymous said...

In the ROC, Conservatives would have a majority. The problem is with Quebec a bubble of misinformation on almost all political topics. Hopefully Dr Roy’s new Tea Party, the RLQ, will cure that with a little help from Quebecor’s Sun TV.

It is mindboggling how the ROC props up CBC/Radio Canada which is a cesspool of Separatists; plus the ROC also provides 70% of the funding for the Bloc which in turn even funds the PQ when need be.

Cut off the CBC and the Bloc funding, add Sun TV, mix and shake well …presto…sanity in Quebec.


CanadianSense said...

The upside is the media is not trusted or followed by the majority. The ratings show a large number of us watch American News.

In spite of the relentless attacks on Conservatism Rob Ford and Fantino were able to win.

People are voting with their wallets after seven years of Liberals in the provinces they realize the tax and spend agenda does not work.

Canada has been fortunate but has been steered for the last five yeas by our PM.

Spending is up in Health, Education and Social services they were cut by the Liberals to balance the books.

Our Government is willing to take longer to balance the books and not on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Unemployment was higher when they cut payments and qualifications to benefits.

I Support Lord Black