Thursday, December 23, 2010

Senator Smith on Power and Politics

I already really like Senator Smith. He doesn't let evan soloman bully him one bit. He will be a great Senator and will be an amazing MP and cabinet minister one day. If grit soloman was impressed by the Senator's already effective command of the topics discussed.

Senator Smith from roy eappen on Vimeo.

7 comments: to the radio said...

Soloman is a Grit?
I thought he was a statist.

Anonymous said...

I guess no publicity is bad publicity, but I found the Aislin caricature in the Gazette this morning a bit "weird". I have written to set the record straight, in a joking way. A more straight shooter than Larry Smith it would be hard to find. Incidentally, I don't find John Baird weird at all.

Anonymous said...

I have another unique term for Soloman but it is unprintable here...

E Mac/

Anonymous said...

It is well worth the time to listen to these 18 minutes to see that Larry is the right guy to regain a seat last held by a conservative Robert Layton (Jack’s dad) in the Mulroney government. Here's a couple of paraphrased, from memory, quotes from Larry that captures his style.

“Evan you are getting ahead of yourself”
“Evan does that answer your question?”
“Evan it is not cynical to take a Senator position in which I will work very hard to represent my area while trying to get elected on the Island on Montreal which needs an elected representative in Parliament. I am taking a catastrophic pay cut to do this, which is not cynical.”


Anonymous said...

I only hope he can struggle to get by on that 132K per year.

Woe is me.

Anonymous said...

“Woe is me”

Progressives are woeful when someone is successful. They are only happy when everyone is equal, it doesn’t matter if it’s rich or poor, it has to be equal.

The only thing the progressives have left to fight with is the politics of envy and class warfare. But the Tea Parties have woken up to class warfare propaganda by the Obamarx gang because it is job destroying. The Tea Parties have now endorsed the Bush tax cuts as the best way to prosperity because only entrepreneurs create jobs, not the government.

Similarly, Larry Smith’s business acumen is plain for all to see in that clip. He is not just another Liberal bagman rewarded for services to statism. In the fall of his career,at his peak earning power, Larry is exactly the kind of change agent that Ottawa needs and he has thankfully decided to serve.


been around the block said...

Wow! I really like this guy! He's a grownup with actual life and business experience.

Watching this interview with Evan Soloman, I couldn't stop thinking what a breath of fresh air Mr. Smith is -- and how someone like him, who talks straight and works hard would be very unlikely to ever run for the Liberal Party of Canada.

I could see him meeting with Prime Minister Harper and the two of them strategizing about what's needed not for them but for Canadians.

As I said above, Larry Smith comes across as a self-directed grownup not a self-serving, what's-in-it-for-me Leftie.

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