Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Senator and Candidate Larry Smith

                                                 West Island Dream Team Larry and Agop!

                                                    The Smiths

                                                            The Senators

Just got back from the Senator and Candidate Larry Smith event in the West Island. It was crammed full of media and  Tory supporters. It was pretty impressive given how last minute it was. This is news I have know for the last  few days. Senator Smith was introduced by HM Minister of Public Works Christian Paradis. The crowd chanted Larry more than once. Senator Smith talked about the hard work he had to to do to win over the people of Lac Sr Louis. Senator Smith will be a hard working member of the Tory team/. He and Agop will give us a real beach head in the Montreal area. This is very exciting. It is a nice Christmas present for Quebec Tories.


Luke said...

Who is Agop?

Anonymous said...

A great Bishop's University graduate who is very bilingual, a good speaker and able to rally a lot of people to his side. In his speech he touched on a number of interesting ideas and themes. I am looking forward to hear more from a great Canadian who will represent our province and country with all his talents and honesty.

Roy Eappen said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody should tell those 2 guys on the “Dream Team” to snowball, you would never see that at Bishop’s, even at Carnival …LOL

More seriously, Larry is a great addition to the CPC team on the West Island. He’s a “can-do” kind of guy. Hopefully he can knock some sense into the Anglophones who keep voting Liberal. When I chat with my pals down there and suggest that they cut their umbilical cord with the Liberals, they invariably say something like this:

“nomdeblog, you don’t understand, we have to keep bribing the Seppies until they die of natural demographic causes”

When I respond that we are prolonging their demise by enabling the Seppies who are parasites attached to the host, to the ROC, and that we need to Black Flag them; then I get “you Conservatives are scary, you don’t understand”.

In short, the Faustian deal with Quebec has to end because Ontario is broke and can’t keep up the equalization payments and Alberta should keep their money and do what Quebec wants them to do. Alberta should say to Charest “we have listened; you are right, we will keep our billions and invest in the environment instead of Quebec”.

Maybe Larry can use a little football language to explain to the West Island that they have to stop living on Fantasy Island.


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