Saturday, December 18, 2010

Salim Mansur on the jihadi death cult

 My friend understands the existential nature of the fight against the jihadis. Would that more of our political class listen to my brave friend.

Ugly fight against a death-cult ideology


At the year end, and this year also brings to an end a conflict-ridden decade, we are ritually inundated with reviews of past months and predictions for the future in magazines and journals from around the world.

On my desk, for instance, I have the Economist cautioning us about the “dangers of a rising China,” and the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs assembling wise individuals to map for us what we might find in the “World Ahead.”

From my perspective — one shaped by travels, readings and talking with people in foreign lands — there is a seismic shift unfolding in global politics and culture.

The man who sensed this shift perhaps most acutely, and described presciently its effect as the “clash of civilizations” was Samuel Huntington.

The severest of this clash is one between political Islam and the West.

I say political Islam to distinguish this ideology of murder and mayhem from Islam — the faith-tradition of hundreds of millions of simple, honest, God-fearing Muslims devoted to their family as were my parents, and also victims of Islamists who turned a simple faith into death-cult ideology.

This struggle between political Islam and the West will stay with us well into the next decade and, perhaps, beyond. It will end only when Islamists are effectively defeated and political Islam expunged similar to the defeat of German Nazis and Japanese militarists.

The struggle of this nature is invariably ugly. It is also bewildering to people caught in the midst of the struggle....

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