Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rex on iffy

Rex says iffy is just visiting. iffy is tone deaf with respect to Canadian politics. This is to be expected fro a man who hasnt lived her for many years. Indeed Rex suggest iffy is delusional. iffy is the gift that keeps on giving

And, finally, Mr. Ignatieff just doesn’t seem to have the “tune” of Canadian politics yet. In one of his year-end musings he offered one of — to my mind — the most outre observations ever on his own sense of his relation to Canadian voters: He seemed to be saying that he shares some of the appeal of Toronto conservative maverick Rob Ford. If Mr. Ignatieff seriously thinks that people look at Rob Ford and Michael Ignatieff and count up the similarities, I fear he is in a fantasy too deep for rescue.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Rex. Ford is a man with a mission, simple in the minds of his opponents but understood by his supporters for its basic importance in the whole scheme of things. Iggy shows every day that he is still an academic who hasn't made the transition to the 'street' yet. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

For his own sake and in order to maintain some semblance of sanity and decorum, Count Ignatieff should just keep his mouth shut.

He's become an embarrassment even to people who hate his party. I cringe when I hear his latest gaffe, he's just so out of his depth.

I guess it's difficult being a puppet, especially a puppet of an idea, a vision, you don't actually believe in. It's also got to be hard being the puppet master of a puppet who just won't respond to the string pulling.

'Talk about a mismatch.

Then, factor in the Canadian public about whom Mr. Ignatieff hasn't a clue, and you have a total disaster.

Rob Ford is the antithesis of Michael Ignatieff.

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