Friday, December 31, 2010

A response to Mme Carbonneau

My friend and co founder of the Reseau Liberte Quebec replied to the CSN's  Mme Carbonneau recent fear mongering about the Quebec Freedom Network and the right in Quebec.
I translated it using Google translate.

Ms. Carbonneau - First, I wanted to wish you a wonderful year 2011. We look forward to crossing swords with you in the arena of political debate in Quebec. In my opinion, you should feel the same enthusiasm. Is not it refreshing to discuss our current political system in the context of left-right confrontation? Admit that you are interested in the emergence of the Freedom Network-Québec (RLQ), you do not stop to warn the people against evil ideas!

By the way, I wanted to thank you deeply. You have probably noticed that we do not have the financial resources comparable to those of the CSN. Moreover, our investments in advertising are, how shall I say, zero. We therefore welcome any media exposure you generate, every time you speak to us in the media. We are also delighted when you send mass mailings denouncing us to your union members. You see, as we have great confidence in the intelligence of your members, we appreciate the fact that you have given us so many potential supporters.

Once I have  thanked you and wished you well, I still want to respond to two of your assertions.

First, you declare in a statement that "the freedoms they [RLQ] claim are mere illusions " for the vast majority of people who will never be able to experience them . You see, I firmly believe that you're wrong. To me, the citizen has the means to avail themselves of the freedom not to be forced to pay dues to a union that he does not want to join. Young people have the means to fully abandoned hope of seniority as a promotion mechanism in unionized firms. Young people have the means to desire the end of the compulsory levy of a contribution to the Quebec Pension Plan, which increasingly resembles a Ponzi scheme. The baby boomers have a legitimate right to want the late fees ridiculously low, which retain their high taxes. People are perfectly legitimate to think that mechanisms of competition would reduce the cost of many public services.

You know, Ms. Carbonneau, it is perfectly normal that people want more freedom in their lives. You know why? Because now they are also willing to take more responsibility to ensure that the state of their homes, their families and especially their pockets. They have confidence in their abilities and are willing to pay for what they use and what they consume. This is so they are also tired of paying for artists who spend their time on the lecture, so they do not even use their "art."

Then, when you remember that "many scandals that erupted throughout the year, in Quebec, just private companies involved," I only have a taste for you to give ten minute misconduct, for crass populism excessive and demagoguery. You forget too quickly the involvement of unions and governments in all this mess of corruption.

Go and Have a happy new year!

Ian Sénéchal

The author is a co-founder of Quebec Freedom Network

Here is the original.

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Anonymous said...

If Charbonneau is willing to abandon “freedom” as a right wing idea then that’s a big bonus to the RLQ. But eventually Charbonneau will see the folly of that strategy. This will likely start to shape up like the Tea Parties who are neither left nor right. However, only the GOP has embraced the desires of the Tea Parties for smaller government and jobs created by entrepreneurs; thus the Tea Parties have the illusion of being right wing.

In a nutshell what Western governments are confronting is the imbalance of government unionized service delivery that is carried on the back of the private sector making it less competitive in a global economy. In the end the issue isn’t left or right, the issue is math. The RLQ can do math, Mme Charbonneau can’t and it makes her angry.


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