Friday, December 10, 2010

Quebec Politics

The latest opinion poll is more bad news for charest and the Quebec grits. The ADQ is now second among Francophone Quebecers. ADQ support has spiked!

William Johnson thinks Charest should take a cue from BC liberal premier Gordon Campbell and resign.

What should Captain Canada do now?

In 1998, Jean Charest was pressed to leave Ottawa and leap to Quebec to lead the foundering Quebec Liberal Party. He alone, so the chorus chanted, could save Canada after the fright of the 1995 secession referendum and Lucien Bouchard’s accession as Quebec’s premier. Mr. Bouchard, after a near-fatal attack from flesh-eating disease, rose from his hospital bed, and it seemed he could walk on water. He threatened to achieve Quebec’s independence after Jacques Parizeau’s near miss.

Mr. Charest was Canada’s last best hope, agreed The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Financial Post and the Montreal Gazette. The call to duty was intoned by Don Martin, Jeffrey Simpson, Richard Gwyn, Paul Wells, Robert Fife, Sean Durkan, Douglas Fisher, David Crane, Don Macpherson … When he actually made the jump, Gazette editorial page editor Jennifer Robinson wrote: “Jean Charest has taken Quebec by storm. … At least for now, thanks to l’effet Charest, separatists are in full retreat." She warned against federalist “extremists": “Over-heated rants and polemics from the [Howard] Galganovs, [Keith] Hendersons and [William] Johnsons of the English community are not needed now that Charest is on the scene."


Anonymous said...

It’s very disconcerting that if you add the 9% of the far left party Solidaire to the PQ you get 45% of Francophones still living in utopia.

Just as crazy is the Anglophone support of Liberals, can’t they see that’s a bridge to nowhere?

Then there is: “Overall, 56% believe that the Liberal government is not doing enough to protect the French language in Québec”.

If Québec wants to invest more in an impossible continental problem of 330 million English dominance, then let it. Meanwhile Ontario has to stop sending billions to Québec under equalization and balance our budget and integrate 125,000 immigrants a year…that is very expensive and we’re going broke pretending we can do that and still prop up statist Quebec.

Dr Roy, for the first time we disagree, this is very disappointing news.


Anonymous said...

"It’s very disconcerting that if you add the 9% of the far left party Solidaire to the PQ you get 45% of Francophones still living in utopia."

Those numbers will go down very quickly once the hard core separatists in the PQ start sharpening their knives with the poll numbers.

But yes, agreed, we need to control our spending and rebuild Quebecs economy after the years of abuse given to it by successive L(PQ) governments.

Oh, and wasn't Dion 'Captain Canuck?' or something like that? Never took Charest for a federalist.

Roy Eappen said...

Nom de blog. I always enjoy your comments whether we agree or not. I am hoping the ADQ continues tio rise. Weare trying to work on the Anglo and Allo communitis to stop their support of the Quebec grits. many of us are profoundly disappointed with Mr Charest, but fear the PQ. We have to convince these people that the ADQ is a viable alternative. That will be an uphill struggle.

Anonymous said...

Bravo ADQ! (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black